locked HARC Build / Radio Night – Moved to Herrick Library for Tuesday - May 21, 2019 #events

Jeff Nonhof KD8THX

This HARC Build / Radio Night which would normally be held this evening at the Chick-Owa Sportsman’s Club has been moved to the Herrick Library in downtown Holland.
We have been invited by the Lakeshore Makers and the Herrick Library to host an event for the public to learn about the many facets of amateur radio.
The amateur radio community is one of the original maker groups of the age of electronics. Amateur radio operators have been inventing, designing, building and repurposing electronics since the dawn of spark gap transmitters and vacuum tubes. We have a long rich history in making what we need.
This is an opportunity for us to show off our maker skills. This evening bring your projects to library, new and old, finished and works in progress. Tables, chairs and power are available. Plan to be there around 6:00 PM to setup.
Maker Labs - Getting Started in Amateur Radio at Herrick Library
Tuesday, May 21, 2019   6:30pm - 8:30pm
Hosted by Lakeshore Makers & Pete Hoffswell, Herrick Library and the Holland Amateur Radio Club
Herrick Library
300 S. River
Holland, MI 49423
Main Conference Room
Invite your family, friends and neighbors to this event.
Hope to see you there,
Jeff – KD8THX