Go Box for Sale #swap

Jack Koning KE8HPP

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                         High-End “Go-Box” For Sale


Description:                                                                         Cost:

Yaesu 857D Radio #1                                                                   $     799.00

Yaesu MH-59A8J Remote Control Microphone                         $       79.98


Yaesu 857D Radio #2                                                                     $     799.00

(Yaesu Stock Microphone)            


MFJ-822 SWR Meter #1                                                                 $       54.95

MFJ-822 SWR Meter #2                                                                 $       54.95


LDG - YT 100 Antenna Tuner                                                       $     164.00


PowerWerx 30 Amp power supply                                               $     119.99

PowerWerx West Mountain Radio - Rig Runner 4008              $     104.99


SKB Roto Rack Box - SKB 15KB-R4U                                        $     174.99


ADMS Programming Software & Programing Cable                 $       50.00


Current Total Costs $  2,401.85  

Sell for             $  1,400.00 - FIRM

                                                                                    (Savings        $  1,001.85  42% Less !!)



Completely grounded, with external connection for a ground.

Two external connectors for HF and VHF antennas.

One External connection for 120v.          

One “Lighter” plug connector on top for external lighting & gooseneck Light (Included)

Many PowerWerx Cables, Ends, wires etc.

I have original Packing, manuals etc. for most of this!

Design and Build a labor of love!!  ALL AT NO CHARGE!


                      Sending to members of the Holland Club First!!

                                  You saw it last year at field day.

                               EVERYTHING in this is “1st Class”!

Basically, not used much – I enjoyed building it and want to do another!

                        First one with the money wins!!


Jack Koning         616-947-2882        KE8HPP@...



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