For sale: FAA-450 Antenna Analyzer #swap

Dan Yonker KN8X

I have assembled a second antenna analyzer kit to sell. The kit comes with all the original items. It is currently running alternate firmware which provides some additional functions. It has also been modified with a battery mod allowing the battery level to be displayed on the screen. The battery and 16GB microSD card is included.

I also have assembled some extra goodies.

  1. Port extender Kit: Includes N, SMA, UHF and BNC connectors, cable.
  2. Protective case: Foam lined case to hold all the goodies. Includes USB charger.

I would like to sell everything together and am asking $350 for everything listed.

From the web site (


  • Silver anodize oxidized aluminium case
  • Built-in Li-ion charging circuitry and DC-DC booster
  • Comes with a N-type to SMA port adapter
  • Comes with a set of Open-Short-Load calibration kit
  • Comes with a cloth bag for storing the analyzer
  • All capacitive touchscreen on the display – no buttons are needed
  • Settings and calibration files could be saved on the TF card
  • HF/VHF(UHF) continuous coverage
  • Big and fast 480×272 4.3″ TFT LCD display
  • PC USB connection is supported for remotely measurement


  • Frequency Range: 1-150MHz
  • In/Out Impedance: 50
  • Measurement Parameters: SWR, R, +Jx, -Jx, |Z|, Returnloss
  • Measurement Mode: Single point measurement, Scanning (Frequency Sweep), and TDR Mode
  • SWR MeasureMent Range: 1.0-1999(Single Point Mode), 1.0-20.0 (Scan Mode)
  • Display Modes: Numerical display, curve display, Smith chart
  • Connector Type: UHF N-type connector
  • LCD size: TFT 4.3″
  • Touch Screen Type: Capacitive
  • Power Source: USB or Internal 18650 Li-ion
  • External Storage Method: TF card
  • Dimensions: 163·92·37.5 mm (6.42″·3.62″·1.48″)
  • Weight: 535g (1.18 lbs)

Dan Yonker KN8X

One important thing that I forgot to mention in my original post is that with the alternate firmware the range has been increased from 150Mhz to 600Mhz. Also here is a better pic of the accessories... Thanks for looking

Dan Yonker KN8X

Here is the list of features from the firmware developer as I typoed the frequency range in my last post:

- Frequency limit raised to 1450 MHz, using the 5th harmonic of the oscillator and its operation above 
   its specification (according to data sheet) 
- Display of time / date by real time clock module DS3231 or alternatively by internal clock (without battery backup) 
- Extension of the Measurements in the cable measurement (step response), makes it possible to determine the characteristic impedance 
- Display of the battery state of charge 
- Range extended to 100 kHz to 600 MHz 
- Acoustic and visual display of the SWR (separate menu item) especially for working outdoors 
- optional display the antenna parameter in the parallel or series model, increase the accuracy
- Frequency search (frequency measurement, display with 100 Hz resolution) with display of voltage, power in mW and dBm 
- Use as simple spectrum analyzer possible, now also with fine structure (2 kHz to 40 kHz) 
- Functional extension: Determination of quartz parameters ( Suggestion by Sverre, LA9RKA, Idea by Melchor, EA4FRB)


Dan Yonker KN8X

This has been sold. Thanks for looking.