Events for July 2020 for the WM Amateur Radio community

Jack Amelar

Events for July 2020 for the WM Amateur Radio community

UPDATE YOUR WB / FB PAGES during these uncertain times, actually, do it all times.

ANNOUNCEMENT A new UHF repeater link is added to the IRA Link System. The link is located at Sister Lakes, which is south of I-94 and east of Benton Harbor.
The link frequency is 444.700+(97.4Hz).
In the area or heading there, give it a test and spread the word about this new addition to our great system. Thanks, Tom Behler KB8TYJ.

Some meetings, lunches, VE Exams, etc. are are starting to come back in modified form.
Check with the club’s Web or Facebook page for updated information. Web and FB page links listed below.

COULDN’T GO TO HAMVENTION THIS YEAR? Consider donating what your expenses would have been, transportation, lodging, meals, HV ticket, to radio related causes. Your club, repeater association, and so on. You were going to spend it on the hobby anyway!


PUBLIC SERVICE EVENTS needing AR volunteers

*CANCELLED* Rockford Area Kids Triathlon, Saturday, July 11

*NOW CANCELLED* MIDDLEVILLE / BARRY COUNTY National 24 Hour Challenge Bicycle event
rescheduled to Saturday, August 22.

KENTWOOD, EAT DIRT MUD RUN. This is a fun and sometimes very busy event. We need 20-30 people to properly cover the course. The event is on Saturday August 29 at the Kentwood Community Church, 1200 60th St in Kentwood.
If you are not a licensed ham radio operator and would like to help please feel free to sign up, we will still be able to put you to work. Our primary duties will be runner safety. We will position personal along the course to monitor the runners. We may also be called to perform other functions if necessary, but only if they do not interfere with our primary task. Most positions will be stationary posts. If you wish to bring a chair to sit in while monitoring the course you may. Please remember that many of the positions will be in the sun, so remember to bring proper protection. Food will be provided. kpalma@...

HASTINGS / BARRY COUNTY Barry-Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race Bicycle event
*RESCHEDULED* to Saturday, October 10
Amateur radio operators needed to assist the Barry Amateur Radio Association (BARA) K8BMI with radio communications at the Barry Roubaix bike race at Hastings / Barry County. We need operators with mobile 2m radio and mag mount antenna.
If you are interested please contact Ron at kc8sfq@...

SARANAC / IONIA COUNTY Dirty 30 Gravel Grinder bicycle event
*RESCHEDULED* to Saturday, October 17
Riverside Radio Amateurs and Ionia County RACES/ARES will be helping out with the Dirty 30 bike race, on our back roads in Ionia County again this year, adding a 50 mile track to the 16 and 30 mile track this year. We will need more operators to be placed on the course. The op would need at least a dual band HT, a mobile radio would be better.
contact: Email n8mrc@... Cell 616-272-1341, leave message...

GRAND RAPIDS Amway River Bank Run 2020 Communications, RESCHEDULED to Saturday, October 24, 6AM - 1PM with varying end times.
Pre-Meeting on Friday, October 23 at Kent County Sheriff Department, 701 Ball Ave from 6:30PM - 8:30PM. (We need about 80-85 People to help in various positions)
For those who have never worked the River Bank Run. This is the PREMIER Communications event in Kent County. This event is one that you'll enjoy and come back every year for more! The RBR event is HUGE and keeps growing!


On air NETS, of course, are not affected.
NOTE: The Covid-19 net is reduced to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The following chart created by Dave KF8QL, TNX! See attachment where available.

12:00 IRA MI Noontime Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)
9:00PM Michigan VHF Traffic Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)

6:00PM IRA After Dinner Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)
7:00PM GRARA Net 147.26+(94.8Hz)
8:30PM WM 6 Meter SSB Net 50.140 USB
9:00PM Covid-19 net 145.27-(94.8Hz)

3:00AM Insomniac Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)
12:00 IRA MI Noontime Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)
7:00PM Satern Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)
8:00PM West MI Emergency Comm Net 145.27-(94.8Hz)
9:00PM Michigan VHF Traffic Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)

9:00AM Auto State YLs TASLYs Net 3940KHz
7:30PM MARA Net 145.23-(94.8Hz) x3rd Thursday
7:30PM MARA Net 145.23 simplex 3rd Thursday
9:00PM Covid-19 Net 145.27-(94.8Hz)

12:00 IRA MI Noontime Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)
9:00PM Michigan VHF Traffic Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)

8:00AM MARA 6 Meter AM Net 50.400 AM
6:00PM IRA After Dinner Net 147.16+(94.8Hz)

9:30PM Sidewinders Around MI Net 144.155USB
4:00PM 10 Meter Ragchew Net 28.870USB
8:00PM WM Classic Six Meter AM Net 50.400AM


SKYWARN KENT COUNTY: Anyone interest in being a Net Control Station please contact Tom KB8TYJ tombehler@... To be NCS you will need 2M/440 base station and a high speed computer to work radar.

Want your NET listed here? Send me the information.

NEWS BROADCASTS on the IRA Link System 147.16
ARRL NEWS Thursdays at Noon
Coverage map with remote frequencies:
FOLLOWING THE NEWSCASTS the IRA Repeater enters Parrot (Echo) mode for 5 minutes. Good time to check your signal and modulation as this mode repeats your transmission.

NEWS BROADCASTS on the Lowell System 145.27
ARRL NEWS Saturdays 7AM & Sundays 7PM

Other area repeaters carrying news, send me details to be included.


EVERY FRIDAY, LUNCH BUNCH in a modified form for the summer at Creekside County Park. Bring your own lunch or snack and libation (coffee, tea, pop, etc.) We can spread out a bit under the open air shelter to maintain a safe distance, and those who are inclined may wear masks. Usual time, 11:30AM or whenever you get there, stay until you’re ready to leave.
Creekside County Park address is 1035 68th St St SE, about a mile from the Bob Evans restaurant where we were, and look forward to returning to. The park is between Kalamazoo Ave SE just south of Hwy M6 exit 11, and Hwy US131 exit 76. Enter Creekside Park north off of 68th st, proceed to the covered pavilion. And the rest rooms are open.
Grab lunch at a drive thru or fix your own.
You could do traditional style by ordering takeout at Bob Evans
Or do vintage style at Noble Restaurant
The repeater to monitor, inquire, etc. KR8T 443.800+(94.8Hz). Echolink KR8T-R
Open to all hams, aspiring hams, inquisitive non-hams, etc. We don't care, regardless of any, or no, club affiliation.
Who sponsors this? NOBODY! It's just a gathering of hams, and there's always room for you.

MARA Social Distancing Breakfast. A temporary W8USA Event.
During the Coronavirus situation, the MARA breakfast group will meet every Saturday, 9 AM, at the Parking Lot located behind the Plainfield Fire Station located at Plainfield & 5 Mile.
Rules are bring your own Coffee and Breakfast Sandwiches and enjoy.
Address of the Fire Department is 4343 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525 MAP:
Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance (MARA-W8USA)Talk-in W8USA 145.23-(94.8Hz)

2nd Hand Ham Shop, Saturdays, 8AM “until it ends”. Used equipment, parts (some that are hard to find) and coffee with fellow enthusiasts. Operated by Tom KD8DEG.
7830 80th Ave between Polk and Baldwin, Zeeland (Blendon Township) Map:
kd8deg@... (616)292-3335

Check out the only full time Amateur Radio store in Michigan. HAMSTERS in Dowagiac, new and used radio gear.
“HAMSTERS, Your place for amateur radio items at a fair price.”

Some meetings taking place on air or online. Visit club Website or Facebook page for more information.

Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council (MAARC-W8ZHO) July 2 meeting, Meeting at 7PM At the clubhouse, 2888 Scenic Drive, Muskegon, MI
Map: 146.94-(94.8Hz)

Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association (GRARA-W8DC) regular MONTHLY meeting, first Friday, July 3, At American Red Cross building, 1050 Fuller Ave NE between the I-196 Ford Fwy and Leonard St. Social 6:30PM, meeting 7PM.
MEETINGS WILL BE HELD IN THE RED CROSS PARKING LOT or garage until further notice. Best bring a chair with you.
Map: 147.26+(94.8Hz)

VE TESTING IS BAAAAACK! Be sure to spread the word.
Friday, July 10, 6:30PM, American Red Cross Building at 1050 Fuller NE, Grand Rapids MI
We will be conducting the tests in the parking lot or garage.
Register on our website:
please ignore the covid statement, since we are doing the testing outside.
We will be following CDC guidelines for covid.
We will provide a clip board and a pencil for the test.
Best to bring a chair or test in your vehicle.
No exam fee, Laurel VEC
Thanks GRARA VE Team!
Email questions to stprovost@...

Holland ARC July meeting, Tuesday July 14th at 7PM.
First, we will be having a in-person club meeting at Chick-Owa on the 14th 7PM. Here’s a few things to note:
1. We’ll be letting the first 20 people into the clubhouse for the meeting (2 of those spots being reserved for myself & Eric KE8GRY to facilitate the meeting).
2. Chairs will be placed ~6ft apart to ensure social distancing. Please be courteous to those around you. 
3. Snacks and Beverages will NOT be provided, however you’re welcome to bring your own bottled water.
4. Masks are highly recommended but not required.
5. There will not be any post-meeting presentations or programs until further notice.
6. We will be dismissing people by rows to leave the clubhouse. You’re welcome to hang around outside after the meeting but not inside the clubhouse.
For those that don’t want to attend our meetings right now but wish to know what’s going on, we will be video-recording the meetings and they’ll be uploaded to YouTube the next day.

VE TESTING, Saturday, July 11, Holland Amateur Radio Club will be holding licensing exams for anyone wishing to get or upgrade their amateur radio license. The testing will be held at the Chick-Owa Sportsmans Club, 9279 Ottogan St., Holland, 6:00 p.m. There is no charge for any testing. No Morse code is required for any grade license. In addition, if your license is within 90 days of expiration, it can quickly be renewed at no charge between 6:00 and the end of testing.
What to bring with you: If available, bring a legal photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. If no legal photo ID is available, bring 2 pieces of legal ID. Anyone 16 years old or younger must have a parent or legal guardian present for the entire testing session. IMPORTANT… If you currently hold a ham radio license, bring the license and a copy of the license to the test session. (Copy will be sent in with the testing results.)
Note: This is a federal exam and the FCC requires you to have an FRN. You can obtain your Federal Registration Number (FRN) before the test, by going to this website: The FCC FRN process is simple, and quite fast.For further information on license testing, please email Bob Broene, K8RJB, at k8rjb[dot]ham[at] Map: 147.06+(94.8Hz)

VE TESTING – Saturday, July 25, 2020 at 9 AM – 11
Location: Martin Township Community Building
Sponsor: Allegan County Amateur Radio Club
Testing will take place in the Martin Township Hall. Enter the building using the Township Hall door located on the North side of building.
Ending time varies based on involvement; could go longer or shorter.
For an UPGRADE: Bring a photo Id and a copy of your existing license for us to keep.
For a NEW LICENSE: Bring a photo Id (state issued) or if a photo Id is not available then 2 of the following will work: Social Security Card, Birth certificate (w/ appropriate seal), Minor's work permit, school report card, school Id card or library card. Utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person OR Postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current mailing address as it will appear on the license application.
Your Social Security Number will be required, unless you have a Federal Registration Number (FRN) issued to you from the FCC. It is FREE to get, just go to "" and select "New User Registration" in the middle of the screen, then "Register" on the following page to get your FRN number. Just remember to bring the number with you to the testing session.
Don't forget the testing fee of $15.00. Walk-ins are always welcome.
Allegan County Amateur Radio Club Executive Order Mini Swap.

MINI-SWAP Allegan County Amateur Radio Club (ACARC-AC8RC) Mini-Swap on Saturday, August 15th at the Salem Township hall building from 8am-11am. Rescheduled from April 4. Set up beginning at 6am. Snacks and drinks will be available for sale. $5 entry fee buying or selling and no table fee for AC8RC club members, trunk sales are also welcome. Hope to see you there. Salem Township hall, 3003 142nd Ave, Dorr, MI 49323, Corner of 142nd Ave and 30th Street, Allegan County. US-131 exit 68 / Dorr. west 8.6 miles.
Map: ke8goj@...

IRA OPEN HOUSE & SITE CLEANUP, Saturday, September 26, 9AM to 2 or ?.
Alternate inclement weather day Saturday, October 3
The Independent Repeater Association (IRA) W8IRA is doing Open House
and cleanup at the 92nd Street Hill repeater site.
This site hosts many other Amateur Radio groups equipment as well.
If you have never set foot on “the hill”, or it’s been a while, or
last week, this is a great time to get a tour of the place. We will
be showing off the (not fancy) place as well as doing some tiding up
inside and out.
your company. Arrive when you can, leave when you want to.
We’ll have coffee, donuts, and for lunch burgers and dogs, all free.
Talk-in (as you can guess) 147.16+(94.8Hz)
566 92nd St SE, Byron Center, MI 49315
Lat 42.796779, long -85.650055 Map:
Contact ny8d@... (616)438-1464


Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association 147.26+(94.8Hz)

SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network-W8SAT)
Contact Bob WX8BOB dennis49544@...

Holland ARC K8DAA 147.06+(94.8Hz)

Allegan County Amateur Radio Club (ACARC-AC8RC) 147.24+(94.8Hz)

Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance (MARA-W8USA)Talk-in W8USA 145.23-(94.8Hz)

Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council (MAARC-W8ZHO) 146.94-(94.8Hz)

Lowell Amateur Radio Club (LARC-W8LRC) 145.27-(94.8Hz)

Ionia County RACES n8mrc@... Map:

The Independent Repeater Association (IRA-W8IRA) mailto:info@... 147.26+(94.8Hz) plus

North Ottawa ARC (NOARC-W8CSO) 145.49-(94.8Hz)


ARRL Hamfest and Convention Database
Check ARRL hamfest search and sponsor websites for any updates or cancellations before heading out

Auburn's Classic City Hamfest, Saturday, July 11
Location: Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, 1600 S Wayne Street, Auburn (DeKalb County), IN
Sponsor: Northeastern Indiana Amateur Radio Assoc.
Talk-In: 147.015+ No Tone
Public Contact: Jack Dold, W9OWO, 1201 Hideaway Drive Auburn, IN 46706
Phone: 260-585-0408, Email: w9owo@...

Summer Eat, Great and Swap meet, Saturday, July 11
Location: St. Lukes Lutheran Church, 1690 W Sterns Road, Temperance, MI 48182
Sponsor: Northwest Ohio BlackSwamp Radio Society
Talk-In: 146.420 simplex
Public Contact: Allen Manrow, W8ALM, 4641 Monac Drive Toledo, OH 43623
Phone: 419-308-6986, Email: W8ALM73@...

*CANCELED* Vintage Electronics EXTRAVAGANZA, Saturday July 18 - Sunday July 19
Location: Burton Manor, 27777 Schoolcraft, Livonia, MI 48150
(formerly at the Kalamazoo Expo Fairgrounds)
Sponsor: Michigan Antique Radio Club

*CANCELLED* Gladwin Area ARC Hamfest, Saturday, July 25
Location: Gladwin City Park Activity Center, 240 City Park Street, Gladwin, MI 48624
Sponsor: Gladwin Area Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 147.180 - (173.8Hz)
Public Contact: JOHN HENSLEY, W8CSX, 5125 Pickering Road Gladwin, MI 48624
Phone: 734-679-0385, Email: johnhensley1940@...

Elkhart East Hamfest, Saturday, August 8
Location: Northern Indiana Event Center, 21565 Executive Pkwy, Elkhart, IN 46514
Sponsor: Northern Indiana Repeater Group
Talk-In: 145.430- (141.3Hz)
Public Contact: Dewey Thrash, K9DEW, 53464 Baywater Place Bristol, IN 46507
Phone: 574-370-2436, Email: dewey@...

Angola Hamfest, Saturday, August 8
Location: Gateway Community Church, 255 N Gerald Lett Avenue, Angola, IN 46703
Sponsor: Land of Lakes Amateur Radio Club LLC
Talk-In: 147.180+ (131.8Hz)
Public Contact: Steve Cleverly, N9YK, 2572 S 800 E Angola, IN 46703
Phone: 260-668-5202, Email: scleverly@...

Allegan County Amateur Radio Club (ACARC-AC8RC) Mini-Swap on Saturday, August 15th at the Salem Township hall building from 8am-11am. Rescheduled from April 4. Set up beginning at 6am. Snacks and drinks will be available for sale. $5 entry fee buying or selling and no table fee for AC8RC club members, trunk sales are also welcome. Hope to see you there. Salem Township hall, 3003 142nd Ave, Dorr, MI 49323, Corner of 142nd Ave and 30th Street, Allegan County. US-131 exit 68 / Dorr. west 8.6 miles.
Map: ke8goj@...

GRAHamfest (Grand Rapids Area Hamfest), Saturday, September 12
Location: Home School Building, 5625 Burlingame Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
Sponsor: Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association
Talk-In: 147.26 (94.8Hz)
Public Contact: Stephen Provost, AC8QE, PO Box 3282, Grand Rapids, MI 49501
Phone: 616-648-5983, Email: stprovost@...

CMARC Hamfest, Saturday, September 19
Location: Okemos Conference Center, 2187 University Park Drive, Okemos, Michigan 48864
Sponsor: Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club
Talkin: 145.39- (100Hz)
Email: hamfest@...

Adrian Hamfest, Sunday, September 20
Location: Lenawee County Airport, 2651 W Cadmus Rd, Adrian, MI 49221
Sponsor: Adrian Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 145.37- (85.4Hz)
Public Contact: Mark Hinkleman, NU8Z, 108 E. Kilbuck St. Tecumseh, MI 49286
Phone: 517-423-5906, Email: cqnu8z@...

Muskegon Color Tour Hamfest, Saturday, October 17
Location: Fellowship Reformed Church, 4200 E. Apple Avenue, Muskegon, MI 49440
Sponsor: Muskegon County Emergency Communication Services
Talk-In: 146.820 -600 (94.8Hz)
Public Contact: James Duram, K8COP, PO Box 386 Fruitport, MI 49415
Phone: 231-638-7010, Email: jimk8cop@...

Kalamazoo Hamfest, Sunday, October 18
Location: Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds and Expo Center, 2900 Lake St, Kalamazoo, MI 49048
Sponsor: Southwest Michigan Amateur Radio Team (S.M.A.R.T.) and the Kalamazoo Amateur Radio Club (K.A.R.C.)
Talk-in: 147.04+(94.8Hz)
Public Contact: Kalamazoo Hamfest, PO Box 115, Scotts, MI 49088

U.S.E.C.A Hamfest, Sunday, October 25
Location: Madison Place (also known as United Food & Commercial Workers 876 Hall, 876 Horace Brown Drive, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Sponsor: Utica Shelby Emergency Communication Association
Talk-In: 147.180+ (100Hz)
Contact: JOHN STANLEY, N8KAN , 3275 Melvin Avenue Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone: 248-709-5300, Email: usecahamfest@...

Fort Wayne Hamfest & Computer Expo, ARRL Central Division Convention
Saturday, November 14 – Sunday, 15
Location: Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, 4000 Parnell Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46801
Sponsor: Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society
Talk-In: 146.880- no tone
Public Contact: ACARTS Fort Wayne, W9INX, P.O. Box 10342 Fort Wayne, IN 46851
Phone: 260-579-2196, Email: chairman@...

LCARC Amateur Radio SwapHamfest, Sunday, December 6
Location: Madison Place, 876 Horace Brown Drive, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Sponsor: L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 147.08+ (100 Hz)
Public Contact: Russell Price, N8HAR, 40565 Shakespeare Drive Sterling Hts, MI 48313-4158
Phone: 586-246-0161, Email: n8har1977@...

If I missed something or there is something coming up of interest to the West Michigan Ham community, let me know by the 25th of the month,
email: ny8d@...

73 Jack NY8D