Board Meeting Summary - 6-17-20


Hello all,

We had a HARC Board Meeting tonight to discuss club events and activities. The minutes will be posted on the website shortly after this email goes out. But let me sum up a few things.

First, we WILL be having a in-person club meeting at Chick-Owa on Tuesday July 14th at 7PM. Here’s a few things to note:
1. We’ll be letting the first 20 people into the clubhouse for the meeting (2 of those spots being reserved for myself & Eric KE8GRY to facilitate the meeting). 
2. Chairs will be placed ~6ft apart to ensure social distancing. Please be courteous to those around you. 
3. Snacks and Beverages will NOT be provided, however you’re welcome to bring your own bottled water. 
4. Masks are highly recommended but not required. 
5. There will not be any post-meeting presentations or programs until further notice. 
6. We will be dismissing people by rows to leave the clubhouse. You’re welcome to hang around outside after the meeting but not inside the clubhouse. 

Second, for those that don’t want to attend our meetings right now but wish to know what’s going on, we will be video-recording the meetings and they’ll be uploaded to YouTube the next day. 

We will be having our July 11th VE Testing & our August 8th Ham-In-A-Day study session. Bob K8RJB, our VE leader, will be communicating with everyone how those events will be structured. 

Our EAT / Radio Build Night sessions are on hold for right now. Jeff KD8THX will have more details in the coming weeks. 

Other HARC events are also on hold for now as well. We’ll have more details later on as we monitor the COVID situation in the state and monitor state guidelines.

And lastly, Field Day is on!  If you haven’t reached out to Jared KE8GBF yet, please do so to let him know your intentions.  

Thanks all & 73

Zach Bennett
Holland ARC President
Trained SKYWARN Spotter
Ottawa County SKYWARN
Ottawa Co. Amateur Radio Auxiliary
Michigan D6 Assistant District EC
ARRL Accredited VE
Laurel VEC Accredited VE
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Zach Bennett