2019 Tulip Time parades #tuliptime2019


Three more parades completed, and no one died!

I would really like to thank the folks who participated in the parades this year:

Josh Barnes  KE8DXB                    Aaron Folkert  KD8VUN

Bob Broene  K8RJB                        Gilbert Flores  KD8UHI

Sheila Bosscher  K8AJ                   Bryan Leenheer  KD8LDX

Ike DeWitt  K8EMU                        Steve Langdon  KE8GOI

Bob Roon  KE8ABG                        Jack Koning  KE8HPP

Gerrit Kik  KE8DXH                        Rich Lovely  KE8BSL

Tracie Malburg KD8UHK                Tom Harris  KC8UER

Phil VanHuis  K8PVH                        Todd Boss W8YHF

Eric Lynema  KE8GRY                        Jon Pott KE8GIK

Jim Tibbitts  N8CTL                            Jill Redder  K8JAR

Joe Hop  KC8OPG                                Tim Lieffers KE8GSA

Jim Armantrout  KD8YBH                    Allen MaCauley  WB0STV

And our two amazing Net Controls:

Nick Roush, KB8JBG and Kim Lobert N8KAL

A special note of thank you to Jack Koning, KE8HPP for the way cool laminated "Call Tag" cards.

I added up some 420 volunteers hours for these three events. The amateur radio operators did an outstanding job, and it was noted and appreciated by others.

Thank you so much,

Tom K8TB