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Holland (MI) Amateur Radio Club, K8DAA.

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  • #events Posts related to amateur radio events. 87 threads
  • #cal-reminder 28 threads
  • #swap Posts listing gear for sale/trade. 24 threads
  • #meetings Posts related to HARC monthly meetings. 20 threads
  • #nets Posts related to local nets. 19 threads
  • #eat Posts related to E.A.T. (Education And Training) meetings. 15 threads
  • #fieldday2018 Posts related to ARRL Field Day 2018 13 threads
  • #vetesting Posts related to VE testing sessions. 8 threads
  • #weather SKYWARN and weather-related posts 7 threads
  • #meta Posts about this groups.io group, i.e. moderation and instruction. 5 threads

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