locked Elecraft K3 100W, ATU, Filters and P3 Panadapter

kb8zgl <wolthuis@...>

Good afternoon everyone,

I have decided to sell a very special K3 and want to find someone locally to love and enjoy it.  The radio is formerly W8AMZ’s radio from the famous W8AMZ antennas.  I purchased it from his estate. 


It was recently checked out by Tom K8TB and is fully updated and in near new perfect condition.


The radio includes the 100W PA, auto antenna tuner, the IF interface for the Panadapter, the P3 panadapter and all cabling.  Radio power cable has power poles on it.  Will include all cables for Pan Adapter.  It has CW filters in it, but I will have to check specifics if you want to know as I don’t recall.


I am looking to get $2,200.00 for the unit.


*Please note, the radio does not have original MIC, I did not receive one and I had a Heil on it that I am not selling*


If you need a powered speaker for the radio, I have one available for an additional $20 as well.


If you are interested please feel free to email me and I can provide pictures of it operating if desired (you can even come try it out in Greenville if you want).


Mike Wolthuis



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